Oracle Securities Limited


Oracle Securities Limited

Oracle securities limited is a holding company that believes in commercial investments that serve to solve larger social and societal problems in the Agriculture, Realty, Education and Healthcare sector.

As the Kenyan population continues to grow so does the demand for food, affordable housing, quality healthcare and education. Our focus revolves around leveraging emerging technologies to provide sustainable and affordable solutions to Kenya’s growing demands in the Agriculture, Realty, Healthcare and Education sectors.

Through our various project, our collective mission is to impact the lives of many while still contributing positively to the growth of Kenya’s economy through direct local investment..

Our Projects

Oracle Agribusiness

With a growing population comes an increase in demand for food.

Oracle Agribusiness is our agriculture division committed to ensuring availability of quality and safe produce throughout the calendar year – to fulfill the nutritional needs of Kenya’s expanding population.

Oracle Realty

Kenya’s growing population and expanding urban population continues to create an increased demand for housing.

Oracle realty is our realty division committed to providing quality and affordable modern housing to serve Kenya’s growing urban population.

Oracle Language Centre

At the core of preserving a Country’s culture is language.

Oracle Language Centre is our online language learning institution committed to preserving Kenya’s cultural heritage though knowledge of local vernacular languages as well as locally spoken foreign languages.