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Oracle Learning Centre

Kenya’s formal education system is still largely biased towards traditional academia. Our learning division provides a curriculum that nurtures alternative skills that meet the needs of all learners in the community and encourage the development of a better rounded generation of young adults.

Our Core Values


Our virtual classes not only improve accessibility but also enable learners from different parts of the world to build relationships.

We also apply different language teaching methods and are stay open to new ideas that can benefit the instructors and learners in our classes.


Our purpose is to empower people to function optimally in an intercultural environment they find themselves in. 

This can range from simple self-reliance in a typical Kenyan village or street to professional interactions with people from other nationalities.


Our passion is the preservation of our cultural heritage as well as  honoring other cultures through knowledge of language.

Our drive is the awareness that understanding language bolsters our cultural sensitivity which strengthens our intercultural social interactions.

Our Principles

Quality Monitoring:

Our vision of language teaching, based on the five pillars of effective teaching and learning guarantee the quality of our   courses. We believe that integrating personalized learning and deeper learning experiences, and allowing learners work at different levels and receive differentiated support will help them build lifelong language skills. We guarantee the quality  of our language courses through continuous assessment of the work of the instructors by the learning assistant and director of  the language centre and the learners by the instructors. Feedback from parents /guardians and learners are considered relevant in every step we take.


We pay a lot of attention to the management of our commitments and proactive communication. Our diagnostic intake in advance and interim feedback enables us place the learners at the right language proficiency levels. Personal contact is our guarantee for quality, results and  satisfaction.

Tailor-made services:

We develop our curricula and services that dovetail with specific needs of the client and with the context in which language will  be used. Our instructors are language specialists who have been exposed to different fields, enabling them adapt their language training or translation to the client’s context.


We value cooperation among all the key stakeholders involved at the language centre as it improves our efficiency. Where necessary, we will cooperate with external experts from our national and international, academic and professional networks.

Result-oriented work:

While executing our duties, we keep a sharp eye on the desired language level and the required competences that have been determined with the learner during the intake interview, and provide  regular feedback.

Professional teamwork:

We provide a one-stop shopping service to our clients, every language and level, our language training courses, tests and assessments. Our team of instructors also work closely together.


Our prices and working methods are crystal-clear and understandable  to our clients.

Value for money:

We guarantee high quality services at an affordable price.

Our Process

Details include, name of the parent/guardian, best contact email address and contact number, name of the student, location of the parent/guardian, language, language level and cost (group classes and private classes). Once we have received your details, we will send you a personalized email responding to your specific queries.

Details include submission date, name of student, age, gender, address, email of the student, mobile number, language and language level. Once we have received enrollment details, we will share a with the student and copied to the parent.

Once the parent/guardian action the enrolment form, an admission letter and agreement letter (contract) is sent to the student and parent. To be returned within two weeks of admission.

Parent/Guardian or student chooses payment plan and makes payment where comfortable before attending the first class.

*Enrollment form, admission letter and agreement forms are stored by the learning assistant in soft copies.